The Rough Schedule

We have a pretty good idea of where we’ll be for the next few months; here is the best outline we have:

May 19th-23rd we’ll be in Ohio with Jeff’s parent

May 24th-28th – Michigan with Cara’s parents

May 29th & 30th – Chicago seeing Cara’s brother and friends

May 31st – Madison visiting college friends

June 1st – Minneapolis visiting college friends

June 2nd-6th – Bismarck ND to visit college friends

June 7th – Milwaukee to visit college friends that we will travel to Finland with!

June 8th-10th – Ohio with Jeff and Cara’s parents

June 11th-18th – Maine to see Cara’s aunt and uncle

June 19th-20th – Iceland! First international destination…

June 21st-27th – Finland

June 28th - July 3rd – Sweden

July 4th-11th – Scotland

July 12th-August 11th – housesitting in England

August 12th-September 6th – WWOOFing in Ireland

September 7th-21st – Germany and Italy with Jeff’s parents

September 22nd-October 10th – Greece

October 10th – Fly to Tanzania….

October is the latest that we have solid plans. We’ll likely spend about a month in Africa, and then be moving onto southeast Asia for about a month each in Thailand and Cambodia, maybe going to spend some time in Vietnam. We’re planning on spending a week or two in Japan before heading off to Australia and New Zealand sometime around February/March of 2017. Cara’s parents are planning on meeting us in Australia and we’re hoping to WWOOF for about a month in New Zealand. After that we’re planning on going to Peru to see Machu Pichu and possibly go to Bolivia and Ecuador as well, depending how we’re doing financially and how much longer we want to be on the road. If all goes well, this should put us back stateside around May of 2017, and we’re hoping to finish off our trip, rendezvousing with the OV crew in the Bahamas.

Where do you want to come meet us?