US Roadtrip Roundup


To date we have covered over 5,000 miles since we left Virginia!

Our first stop after packing up in Norfolk, and after sitting in traffic on the HRBT, was in Pittsburgh to see Megan and Jason. We got to catch up with them and see Jason off to the 2016 Crossfit Atlantic Regionals!

Next we unloaded the moving truck into Jeff’s parent basement with much help from his parents and sister! We spent a few days in Ohio relaxing and trying to organize our things. Next it was on to Michigan to visit my family and see some friends.

Katie summed it up pretty well, ‘Most people have a party when they get a new job. You people have a party when you quit your jobs….’ My parents hosted a get together at their house when we were in town and we got to see lots of family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came out to wish us well, and partook in cups of victory!!!! (Click on photos to get the gallery to scroll.)

After the Great Lakes State, we headed to Chicago to see my brother Phil and stayed with our friends Matt and Rebekkah. You can read more about Chicago here

From Chicago we drove to Madison, WI to see more friends. Kyle was away for work so we hung out with his wife Sarah and their two adorable kids. From WI we left for Minneapolis and spent the night with Lee and Tim. Then it was on to North Dakota to visit Jake and Whitney. Jeff and I were able to practice our babysitting skills with their two kids- and I think we did ok!

From Bismark, ND we had a long ride to Milwaukee to spend a night with Tony and Sara. You will be seeing more of them in future blog posts! In Finland! After Beer City we headed back to Ohio (Jeff’s parents house) to visit with them and my parents, and repack our bags for the big trip!

We just drove to Maine to visit with my Aunt and Uncle for a week and relax by the lake until we leave the country from Boston on June 18th!