Exercise, or a lack thereof...

Cara and I haven’t done a ton of working out since we left the good ole USA, but now that we’re stable for a few weeks in England that is changing. Our hosts here have an awesome backyard (aka ‘garden’) and we’ve been taking advantage of some great weather and getting some work done out there. Before we went to Scotland and we were in dorm rooms with a bunch of other people, we had started doing 50 situps, pushups, and squats everyday. That fell to the wayside while we traveled with the tour, but we’ve picked that up again now.

We have a clear goal of being ready for climbing Kilimanjaro in October, so we know we need to be putting in some effort. We are going to do a few two-a-days in the next few weeks and since we don’t have access to a barbell, we’re squatting each other and doing buddy carries to build some strength. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some more odd objects to lift and carry while we’re working in Ireland, and we’ll continue training hard while there too.

In the next week or two I’ll put together a post with some pictures and some of the actual workouts we’re doing, we also have the original P90x (throwback!) so we’ll probably mix some of that in that we can do with zero equipment, and there a few nature reserves around that we’ll be doing lots of walking in, as well as all the walking we do whenever we go somewhere new.