Quarterly Report

It has been 4 months since we quit our jobs and left Virginia. It has been 3 months since we left the States. It’s a little daunting when you realize that adds up to one quarter of a year. Guess what?! We aren’t broke yet, and we have zero regrets about our decision to travel. Honestly, it’s been so much better than I thought it would be. (Cara’s responses in bold, Jeff’s are in italics!)

# of countries visited: 9 (Iceland, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom (England/Scotland), France, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy

# of passport stamps: 8

Favorite place: Glencoe, Scottish Highlands

Favorite Food: TIE (so much good food!) Finnish strawberries and/or Italian Piadina (type of sandwich), Paczki

Things Jeff didn’t eat before this trip, but now enjoys: strawberries (thank you Finland!), green cabbage

How many times I have missed getting up for work at 4:50am: 0 (or working third shift: 0)

# of days internationally: 92

# of nights of free accommodation: 69

Thing we wished we would have packed: colored nailpolish, Another t-shirt, sweat pants (if they could be shrunk down to take 0 space in a bag…)

Thing we packed, but haven’t needed: winter hat, Thermal long sleeve

Thing we miss most (besides friends and family- you are always our #1!): heavy ass barbell to throw around-my butt is shrinking as we speak, Tienda Jessy’s (for non-Hampton Roads folk – best Mexican food!), heavy squats, regular daily routine

One thing I wish I knew before this trip: As a native English speaker, Europe is very easy to get around! Trying new foods and being open to liking them doesn’t have to be a rare occurance

Transportation used:  Plane, rental car, ferry, train, bus, taxi, subway, walking

Amount of USD spent: $13,925 – includes things we have paid for in advance, such as our tour of India in November

Places we have bookings for next: Greece, Tanzania, Dubai UAE, India

Have you ever become really good friend with people away from home, and then never want to leave them? Friends that make you wish that you lived right down the road all the time? We found this with Phil and Mavis and their daughter Winter in England, and with Mavis’s parents in Ireland! We have felt extremely at home in England and Ireland. This is completely thanks to Phil and Mavis and their amazing family. Every once and awhile Jeff and I would have to remind ourselves that we weren’t actually at home in the States.

Phil teaching Jeff about beekeeping and our family photo! Winter modeled for me and I got to practice taking photos of people instead of landscapes. Winter helped us exercise in her garden (yard) everyday and took us exploring through the woods. Isn't she gorgeous?! Phil and Mavis will have their hands full in 10 years!  

We have spent the first 3 months of our trip abroad in Europe. The next 3 months (and beyond) consist much of the developing world. Our creature comforts are going to change a little bit…adventure time! -Cara

I’m really glad we started with Europe, and that we had such long stretches in English speaking countries. It allowed us to settle into traveling and figure some things out in much easier manners. I was really surprised at how few nights of lodging we have actually had to pay for. This is greatly in part to our great friends Tony and Sara (and Sara’s entire awesome Finnish family!), our old jobs for providing the means to gather some Marriott reward points we have used, Phil and Mavis (as Cara has listed above), Mavis’s amazing parents, Steve and Teresa in Ireland, and our WWOOFing hosts.

I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for us in the next few places we travel, but it’s a bit daunting to not know when we’ll be in an English speaking country again. Time to get more comfortable being uncomfortable! -Jeff

If you are still reading and following our travels-we want to thank all of you for taking this adventure with us. We can feel your love from halfway around the world, and want you to know that we are sending you love right back!