What Are We Doing?

Cara and I need to be ready to climb Kilimanjaro in October, and while we are definitely not as fit as we were when we left, we've done fairly well at keeping ourselves from getting fat. It helps that we don't eat as much as we did before, and both of us have lost weight because of that. We do our best to stick to meat and vegetables as much as possible, and avoid too many sweets and breads. 

We also try to stay fairly active, and do tons of walking. We are trying to build a habit of doing 50 pushups, situps, and squats everyday, but we will do really well for a week or two, and then fall off the wagon for another week. Overall, I think as long as we pick it up a little in next couple weeks we'll stay in shape enough for Kilimanjaro.

Here are a few of the workouts we've done in the past few weeks:

Tabata: Skaters, Russian Twists, Jump Rope, Burpees

Ten Rounds of Ten Reps of each: Pushups, Jumping Lunges, Pistols, 10 sec handstand hold

5 Rounds: ~600m run, 20 thrusters. 1 partner runs, when they start the thrusters other person takes off on the run, 1st person rests after completing thrusters until partner 2 returns

Partner WOD: 5 Rounds: 1 person does 20 snatches while partner holds plank, swap and repeat

(Cara's note: we are both missing the barbell. All we could find on the farm was a heave piece of crow bar, see photos above. Whatever works!)