Christmas Eating in Singapore

Singapore was not on the list of places we had planned on visiting when we left the States, but we’re really glad we went. We were looking for a place to spend Christmas and thought our gifts to each other would be Cara getting her scuba dive certification there and Jeff doing some mountain biking, but we ended up not doing either of those things. After spending a couple of months in Africa and India not really having to plan ahead, we showed up expecting just to be able to book a dive trip whenever we wanted. Turns out Singapore is a bit more modern than that, and people plan ahead (and instructors take Christmas vacation…).

Singapore quickly became about food for us, both since we could cook for ourselves for the first time in about a month and also experiencing some of the food culture here. Our fist night we went to a popular tourist joint and tried some frog (pics above). Hawker centers are these crazy cafeteria type places with 100+ different vendors selling all kinds of food, and there are a ton of them all over town. There are also smaller places on street corners with only a few stalls, but the real fun is seeing the massive selection and just looking for a place with a long line and trying it out. Most of the plates of food were 5 or 6 (or less!) Singapore Dollars, which is about $3.45 USD. We usually had a juice or two and plenty of food for less than $15.

We ate pretty well on Christmas Day too!!!!

The AirBnB we stayed at only had one hot plate with one pan, but I think we did pretty well cooking all that stuff above! We spent a relaxing holiday and had a pretty quiet Christmas.

This was after we demolished an entire bag of chips with the whole jar of salsa…I would say that we were enjoying them since we aren’t sure of the next time we will get decent tortilla chips, but eating that much is normal to us- haha. We spent a relaxing holiday and had a pretty quiet Christmas. We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

-Cara and Jeff