Food on a budget safari

We have not been going hungry in Africa. In fact- we ate wayyyy to much on safari, especially for sitting in the car all day. A huge thanks to our amazing cook, Hezron.

My mind was blown with our cook's presentation! 

We had told our safari company, Kessy Brothers (out of Moshi, Tanzania), that we didn't want to eat bread. We also didn't want to eat Ndizi after Kili. Ndizi are bananas....we ate way too many cooked bananas on the mountain and it ruined them for us for awhile. Anyway, Hexron took the 'no bread' to heart and understood that we didn't want any sort of wheat flour. So he made us delicious lentil cakes to have with our soup instead!

Lentil cakes and soup for the 1st course

Each morning we had a full breakfast. Usually this consisted of eggs, hot dogs, potatoes or pancakes, fruit, and as much tea and coffee as we wanted. Lunch was either a boxed lunch on the safari trail, or a full hot lunch at the campsite. Our boxed lunches were: mango juice box, piece of fruit (banana or orange), piece of chicken, hard boiled egg, lentil cakes, piece of boiled potato, peanuts, and a chocolate bar! Are you full yet? Before dinner we had tea with popcorn. For dinner, the first course was always soup. It was pretty hot outside to have soup, but we had amazing pumpkin soup in the Serengeti. I wrote down Hezron's recipe and will try to recreate it someday- it was so good! Second course was meat with veggies and some sort of starch. Then for dessert there was fresh fruit! One night we also got fresh banana fritters. Delicious!!!