Greece for Foodies

Before traveling to Greece, we didn’t have many expectations for Greek food. We have been pleasantly surprised by everything we have eaten here! We have had so many delicious meals, that the food deserves its own blogpost

We actually didn’t have any gyros until we had been in Greece for about a week. After that we wanted at least 1 a day!

The first gyros we got on Skopelos. At about $2.50 each, you can't go wrong!

Our favorite dish has been eggplant salad. Both of us were never fans of eggplant; apparently we just hadn’t been eating it right! There are no rules when it comes to eggplant salad. It is made differently everywhere we have ordered it. If the salad includes eggplant, you can call it eggplant salad. Two options are below, in the right photo it is the dish in the back.

The most consistent thing we have eaten is Greek salad (picture above on the right, closer dish) which, unlike eggplant salad, is pretty consistent everywhere. It is tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, a few olives, a block of feta cheese, lots of olive oil, and usually a little oregano sprinkled over it. It’s a refreshing serving of vegetables and something we order almost every time we eat out.

I (Cara)think that I like Greek food culture so much because they share my beliefs in dessert. We were treated to ‘dessert on the house’ almost every time we went out for dinner. Anything from dessert wine to Greek yogurt with honey, to cake soaked in liquor, to grapes. Or sometimes you just have to make a separate trip for an extra treat:

Lukumades in Athens - donut balls with chocolate sauce and cookies and creme ice cream.

We ate really well while on this trip, so here are a few more food photos: