The Dive of a Lifetime

The reason we chose to go to Port Douglas is because of its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef! Jeff and I got PADI certified recently in Cambodia (link post), specifically so we could go diving in Australia. Dad even audited a diving course in Michigan before the trip, so he could have a diving refresher.

I booked us a full-day trip on the Poseidon out of the Port Douglas Marina- Jeff, Dad and I did 3 different dives, and Mom snorkeled. I had made the reservation a few months ago, and we got super lucky with the weather! The seas were incredibly calm, it was warm and sunny and the water temperature was comfortable. The crew on board took good care of us; lunch was great! The water was warm enough to not wear wetsuits, but we did all wear stinger suits to avoid the jellyfish. Visibility was insane (at least 15 meters, and the boat crew said that it wasn’t good)- I’m pretty sure that diving is now wrecked for us. We rented an underwater camera for the day so we were able to capture these:

This was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Even if we go back in a few years to dive the Great Barrier Reef, it won’t be the same. Jeff and I were both surprised that we didn’t see much vibrant coral. Coral bleaching is extreme and the reef is dying due to global warming.

We found Nemo!