Working out without a gym

We've been doing CrossFit for so long, its going to be really weird to not have consistent access to a barbell for the next year. We've come up with a few things to do while we're hanging out in Ohio at my parents house, and so far we're at least not acting like we normally do on vacation and not working out at all.

Friday we did a quick one, 4 rounds of 50 double unders and a lunge-lunge-squat combo down the length of the driveway. Saturday we did death by 10 meters, and Cara got through 14 rounds, and I failed just shy of finishing 15. Definitely not our best efforts, but a decent baseline for what we have going. Cara also did a super official measurement of 38 of her feet being 10 meters so we can lay this out in the future.

Today we got to have some fun because I bought a rope right before Virginia. I took a truck full of stuff to the CHKD thrift store near our house the morning we were leaving town, and there was a ~30 foot rope out front of the store so I bought it. Cara was a little upset when I came home with something, but I think she got over it when we used it today. I hung the rope in a tree in my parents yard and we did: 5 rounds of 2 rope climbs, 15 pushups, and a run down the road and back, roughly 400m with a decent hill. I took 16:46 and Cara did it in 19:00.


Hopefully the fun times continue!