Well... we're trying?

So our fitness hurts. Quite a bit...

Our last few days in Moshi, Tanzania we started a program that I had saved from a long time ago that was all body weight movements, nothing super crazy, but we still scaled down the workouts and we still felt wrecked. We hadn't done pullups in a long time, and after a workout with quite a few strict pullups we both had t-rex arms for a day or two. Simple workouts with jumping squats and lunges left our legs and glutes pretty trashed, and it was great to be sore again. Then we went back to Dar es Salaam and had a tiny hotel room and the neighborhood wasn't really conducive to running or exercise, so we struggled a little.

Cara came up with a great workout in our limited space though, and it went like this: EMOM 20 minutes, 1st minute 10 pushups, 2nd minute Jeff squats Cara 5x, 3rd minute 10 pushups, 4th minute Cara squats Jeff 3x (so really repeat that sequence 5 times).

We got to Dubai and neither of us felt great after traveling and we let that keep us from doing much besides walking about town for 2 days, but now we've been taking advantage of the nice gym in the building our friend and amazing host lives in. 

So far we have done the following:

10 down to 1 reps of KBS, KB goblet squats, and KB deadlifts

7 rounds: 7 DB squat cleans and 7 burpees

Free yoga class at Lululemon and then some benching and squatting in the gym.

Free yoga is the best yoga! okay, so it wasn't the best class ever but we still enjoyed it!

We're going to keep taking advantage of the gym while we're here, and hopefully we can keep this streak going while we travel in India!

Oh, and there was a scale in the gym here, which may or may not be accurate. According to the scale here I weigh 69 kg, or about 152 pounds. I haven't been this light since right after college when I first started CrossFit and stopped drinking so much beer, and I'm not sure I got down this low even then. Since leaving Virginia I've lost about 15 pounds, mostly muscle. The silver lining is that the first few months back in the gym once we're home will be back in the sweet times of hitting PR's constantly and making fast progress. Or at least that is what I'm trying to tell myself...