Our Story:

We're two engineers taking a career break and traveling the world before we settle down and start a family, but first, a little background. It all started when we were trying to decide on what we wanted to do for our honeymoon as we were planning our wedding. We started talking about taking 3 weeks to go see Australia and New Zealand. This turned into maybe taking 4 weeks to go see some part of Asia as that was the only part of the world that Cara hadn't traveled to. This quickly turned into dreaming of taking even more time and making lists of places we wanted to see. We were busy saving money and planning a wedding, and really didn't think much beyond dreaming, but that slowly changed as we realized we could save more and weren't going to spend as much as we thought on our wedding. Soon we were looking into around-the-world travel blogs and how much it would really cost, and we began to realize it could be a reality. The only thing we were missing was the catalyst to jump start the whole adventure. When the opportunity to go see Finland with some of our best friends came up, we realized that we would never have a better time to just take off and go. Thus, the birth of this whole grand scheme, and the biggest adventure either of us has ever been on.